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Mature content
Code Geass CC x Male Reader CH4 :iconanoraan:Anoraan 13 4
Blake Belladonna x Blind!M!Reader One-Shot
Requested by BraveVesperia1
        You are an 18 year old young man living in the city of Vale. You are originally from a small port town to the south of Vale's agricultural district, and that is where your parents still live, but you moved into the big city after your 18th birthday. You've always been a fairly easy-going person, and so you don't have a grand life plan at the moment. You found out about a job offer at a local Dust store that was rebuilding after a robbery, and applied, not really expecting to get accepted, or even seriously considered. This was due to your...visual incapability. Or, in layman's terms, you are blind. You have been since birth, and perhaps it had something to do with your cavalier attitude towards life.
        Between your disability and your layed back demeanor, you were considering looking for more job openings. After all, if
:iconbobaccountemps1:Bobaccountemps1 58 14
The Unforgivable x Blake Belladonna Vol. 1 Ep. 11
The Unforgivable x Blake Belladonna Vol. 1 Ep. 11
I lost count of how many months I was gone this time. I'm really really sorry. To all of you who have an interest in the this story. I have yet again, let you down. I'm sorry! And I really do hope I can quit these frequent hiatuses. Nevertheless, here is the next part you've been waiting for! Enjoy!!
Narrator's POV
As the streets of Vale were being decorated for the upcoming Vytal Festival. Team RWBY and Team LEJD are seen walking down the bustling street. A huge banner is currently being put up by a elderly shopkeeper whilst the two teams walk under it. The banner read "Welcome To Vale!". 
Y/n's POV
I was outside. Well to be more specific... I'm walking around the streets of Vale. I didn't want to however, I was dragged out here by Lily, so was Dennis and Jeric
:iconm890001:m890001 14 5
Oscar meets Glynda... by Tikoriko Oscar meets Glynda... :icontikoriko:Tikoriko 390 54
Force Masked Chapter 6: Attacked and Blinded
Soooo...I hope you guys enjoyed it!!! I think I might have Volume 2 of this series be after Chapter 10, and it’ll be my own version of Volume 3 of RWBY =P
Also I will have a lemon scene, not in this chapter, not soon, probably later on, but I will say it will result in Blake and the Reader having a child =P
RWBY belongs Rooster Teeth
Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilms/Disney
You belong to you
In the Emerald Forest. With you, Blake, and Weiss. (Ruby and Yang are in class)
(y/n): “Alright, Blake will just practice what she learned yesterday while I train you Weiss.”
Weiss: “Wait you trained her instead of both of us?!”
(y/n): “Well you and the others were in class, and...well...I figured I would train Blake and than you.”
Weiss: sigh “Fine, let’s just get to training already.”
:iconmiraak568:Miraak568 7 16
Male Reader x DVA - ONESHOT
Found sometime to write, however not my usual amount of time to do a Ruby x Male Reader episode, so I thought I'd give you a quick off-the-top-of-my-head good old oneshot reguarding D.VA from Overwatch. This one is a bit more implied as I may want to come back to the story later (I know that defeats the purpose of a oneshot but I'll change the title if I do decide to come back to this, or you guys want me to come back to this, either is good enough for me). So without further ado:
(Y/n) - Your name
(L/n) - Last name
You sigh as you continue to cross names off your list. You, Captain (Y/n) (L/n) have been tasked with the job of finding someone to pilot the new MEKA recently brought to Overwatch as a gift from South Korea for doing a great job for continuing to hold back the omnic advances. So far your searches have been fruitless though and the first f
:iconcaptainredda:CaptainRedDA 46 14
Highschool DxD x Male (Vampire) Reader S1 C3
Hey everyone I hope you all enjoy this Chapter :D
Issei ran over to the girl and held out his hand.
Issei: A-Are you alright?
???: Thank you.
He helped her up and finally got a good look at her face, she had long blonde hair and green eyes. Issei blushed a little.
???: u-umm
He then realized her was still holding her hand.
Issei: o-oh I’m sorry!
???: thank you very much for helping me up
Issei: oh it wasn’t any problem!
Issei tried to keep the conversation rolling.
Issei: well the weather’s really nice today! And…
???: u-um I, I got lost and need help.
Issei then led her through the park.
Issei: are you on a trip?
???: no, I was appointed to this town’s Church.
Issei: you’re a nun then? That explains the look
???: I’m glad I meet such a nice person like you. It must’ve been divine guidance.
Issei smiled but then noticed the cross on the girl
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 23 5
Force Masked Chapter 3: Training and Visions
Sooo...I was going to write this yesterday, but I got distracted with school...But I hope you enjoy this story anyway! Also...I’m so excited that we’re close to 80 watchers!!! Anyway, into the story!
(Oh one more thing, the thing that the poll for what to call this chapter, the vision will be at the beginning and it’ll be a vision of the future (so basically Old Ben Kenobi), and the training will be part of the middle, and I might make Blake and the Reader fall in love in this part (and if not, then at least have them confess and just wait to see what happens) =P
RWBY belongs Rooster Teeth
Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilms/Disney
You belong to you
In yet another force dream.
As you fall asleep, you see yourself in what appeared to be a space station, watching an old Obi-Wan and Anakin in the black suit fighting, you see what looks like a bl
:iconmiraak568:Miraak568 4 13
Force Masked Chapter 2: New Enemies
Sooo...This most likely won’t get out the same day as Chapter 1 because I don’t clearly don’t post two stories in the same day (except Dust Effect Chapters 10 and 11), anyway I hope you guys enjoy this part!!! (also yes I know near the end it kinda got into Volume 2 territory, but I am changing it so it’s not like Dust Effect or the original)
RWBY belongs Rooster Teeth
Star Wars belongs to Lucasfilms/Disney
You belong to you
The next morning, in Team RWBY’s dorm
After the vision you had of Vader, you couldn’t get any sleep, which you didn’t care. All you could think about was if Vader could actually find you, and if he did...What the hell would he do to Remnant?! Because despite being on Remnant for one night you could feel the potential in it, you didn’t want Vader and Sidious to get their hands on it, you j
:iconmiraak568:Miraak568 5 7
Mature content
Evie Frye X Male Reader Epilouge Part.10 :iconjetrayf:jetrayf 9 4
Broken Hearts pt5 - Mended Romances

Hey, thanks for everything. I hope you guys enjoy this piece and I hope everyone has a spooky October. And I don't own these images; the first is an image of Grimm Pyrrha I found on the RoosterTeeth forum, and the second belongs Dornenkranz. This is the last chapter of the request from naruhinapwns
After Weiss and I arrive at the party, her father welcome us coldly. “You two are minutes late. Weiss, you need to be with on stage, now.”
She sighs and kisses my cheek softly. “I’ll see you soon, my soldier.”
“And I’ll miss you every minute, my snowflake.” I respond, smiling and returning the gentle caress.
Then she walks away from me and I hear Mr Schnee growl and heinously state “I can’t stand you being with my daughter.”
I crack my neck and retract the pole on m
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 10 15
RvB Rogue Agent (M/Reader x Carolina) 9
Chapter 9: The Story of The Reaper Part 4 and The Birth of Agent Massachusetts
(So the title of this Chapter will show mostly you in the Present chasing The Meta, a little Chi POV, and killing South, then to The Reaper(You) during his moments before and during the mission to the Sarcophagus, and will show you being Massachusetts, well, written)
Washington starts shaking (F/N), "Wake up."
Church and Caboose were waiting, "Private Caboose, come wake your brother up."
"Yeah, I'd rather stay here."
"That's an order, Private."
"Just wait for him to wake up, best not to poke the shark, or bear, or dragon. Just stop shaking him."
"Is there something you want to tell me?" Wash looks at the two.
"(F/N) can be a bit, violent, when woken from his sleep, suddenly." Church said.
"Really? How would you know?" Wash asks.
"Well, Tex found it out the hard way, took all three
:iconendervslender:Endervslender 21 6
Shatter Ice Weiss Schnee x Cheater M!Reader #6
Hey guys sorry for the late post for this one as I said before I was kind of busy, but I was still able to get this chapter done today so i'm pretty happy with myself anyways enough stalling here's the next chapter
You look at Neo… Rewrite and he sees you looking at him and he can’t seem to be able to look at you in the eyes, “ Ne…….Rewrite” you said and he froze and you saw his eyes glaze over like he was somewhere far away before he shook his head and gave an uncertain smile.
“What was Sapphire talking about and most importantly how do you know Sapphire? she say we’re childhood friends, but I tend to take anything she says with a grain of salt” you said giving him a look.
He grimace before sighing and rubbing his forehead, “ Well that is very complicated to answer, but I’ll tell you something, but first is best to tell you this isn&
:iconneo-rewrite:Neo-Rewrite 15 4
Ghost rider reader x highschool dxd 4
New chapter to hunter x rwby will be up tomorrow
Y/n quickly  parked his bike in his garage to a normal little two story house and ran in quickly filling a cup of water up and gulping it down looking at himself in the mirror with his skin slowing forming again showing half of his face while the other was the skull.
Y/n: that blast was hard how did that over power us?!
Just then the rider showed up inside the mirror.
Rider: that devil is different from what we fought we need more time to face off issie and take his soul.
Y/n: damn it that's right she only hit us while missing issei but he's badly injured at least.
Rider: indeed
Y/n started to walk away until the rider spoke.
Rider: we still have power to stop the high class devils here.
Y/n: what do you suggest we do with issei?
Rider: we wait it out they don't know that you are me.
Y/n: right.
Y/n walked towards a shelf that held multiple world records or awards from a famous dare devil.
:iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 17 4
Star Wars x Male (Grey Jedi) Reader: Chapter 1
Malevolence Part 2
 Different Language 
(Y/N)’s POV
What the hell have I done I just nearly… with… Oh shab! What am I gonna do!? Alright Revan don’t freak out maybe it’ll just be one of those things that two people agree never to talk about again.
We finally arrive on the bridge of Obi-Wan’s Ship
Plo: We must summon reinforcements
Anakin: That’s why I’m here Master Plo
Obi-Wan: Anakin, Revan. Were you able to contact Master Luminara?
Anakin: Yes, Master. She’s busy with a fleet of Separatist reinforcements nearby. She won’t be able to give any support until she’s turned them away.
(Y/N): We’ll have to make do with what we have
The republic fleet continues to fire a barrage of laser at the crippled ship and are slowly doing damage
Kill it with bug bites. Only way to kill that thing without help I guess
Obi-Wan: Admiral, status report.
Yularen: They’re not attempting to jump t
:iconjd0-stitch:JD0-Stitch 12 1
Juvia Lockser x Male!Reader - Water + Ice

Third Person POV
Absolute zero, the phenomenon of where no motion of anything is made. People thought that you had achieved this with your magic being an extreme version of Gray’s ice magic, but absolute zero can’t be achieved, though you have come close to it. It resulted in your once (h/c) hair being white as snow, your irises losing their color and becoming white, and you skin being so pale, it looked like you were lacking the necessary nutrients to survive. There was a downside to achieving near absolute zero, you froze any who encountered your skin. Your body emitted negative body temperature, nearing the absolute zero temperature to the point of freezing things on contact, since it froze your blood, leaving it minimally flowing through your veins.
People also thought that you personally trained Gray yourself, but you didn’t, you just wanted to reach as much potential as you could, which led to you leaving the Fair
:iconpopdood:popdood 63 8


52 deviations
Theo x Neo, Criminal Love
This is for Soulsuckingginger as thanks for making my request of crime boss reader x neo , Criminal Love. I had original thought doing another drawing of this ,but didn't turn out so good.
Edmund Kenway
Meet Edmund. He's my first Rwby original character. The outfit was inspired captain flints outfit from black sails repeatingislands.files.wordpre…. I may write or draw a comic series for this character and ship him with one of my favorite characters from Rwby . I already did a shipment drawing but I'm not finished with it. It may come out tomorrow or the day after.


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