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The Tender Cut (JacksepticeyexRWBY)
Hope you guys enjoy this story! Also I changed my mind this will be 5 part series instead of 5 short stories so I hope you enjoy it! Also I just type what the subtitles of the video are so if it’s bad that’s why.
Jacksepticeye belongs to Seán William McLoughlin
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth
You belong to you
Myst belongs to me
-Your house 2:00 PM-
Ruby: “Hey guys! Do you want to watch another Jacksepticeye video?”
Everyone: “Sure!”
(y/n): “What video did you have in mind?”
Ruby: “The Tender Cut.”
Blake: “Is that the one with the clip of a woman getting her eye slit?”
Ruby: “Yes?”
Blake: “I’ll pass.”
Ruby: “Aw come on Blake it’s not that bad.”
(y/n): “Well if she doesn’t want to watch it that’s her choice.”
:iconthedoctor101010:Thedoctor101010 3 2
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 5
Sorry for the little delay, but here is part 5! :D
Just a fair warning, I might be finishing this series with 6 parts total, which would mean the next episode is the finale... I haven't decided yet, but that's just to let you guys know :D
Anyway, let's get to it! :D
You woke up the next morning feeling well rested... You got up, changed out of your pajamas, and went to go see the General, since your job here after all was to keep an eye on Penny and if she has any more problems with her weapons, figure out what they are.
*knock knock*
Ironwood: Come in.
You slowly opened the door.
Ironwood: (y/n), you look well rested...
(y/n): Thanks... So, what's my job today?
Ironwood simply chuckled.
Ironwood: You've done your job (y/n)... As long as no more further problems occur to Penny's gear, you're basically on vacation at this point.
(y/n): Oh.
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You're Gonna Go Far Kid (Male!Singer!readerXWeiss)
Yeah I know I said the last song fiction was a one shot but I decided to make it have a few parts. Anyway hope you enjoy the story! ALso it’s going to NOT be rated ‘Mature’ because it’s just F-bombs and I’m sure little kids aren’t reading these stories or song fictions. Also this is the song I used
“You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” belongs to The Offspring
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth
You belong to you
-10 days after you performed Faster Car you decided to sing you’re very first song now that you were more popular. Of course Weiss fully supported the idea and so did Ruby and Blake. Yang on the other hand thought that no one would listen to an old song, but you didn’t care you just wanted your old songs to get noticed, so that you could expa
:iconthedoctor101010:Thedoctor101010 16 7
Captain Hector Barbossa. :iconbormoglot:Bormoglot 71 19 'You Best Start Believing in Ghost Stories' :icondenisdlugas:DenisDlugas 99 10 'Glut Your Soul On My Accursed Ugliness!' :icondenisdlugas:DenisDlugas 61 11 Hector Barbossa :icondariakonnova:dariakonnova 4 0 Pirates 5 Geoffrey Rush as Hector Barbossa Poster :iconartlover67:Artlover67 8 4
RWBY: Ruby Rose x Male Reader - Vol. 3 Ep. 9

Hey Everyoooooone! It's Nehpets here, and we're back reading the 3rd volume of our RWBY X Male Reader Insert. Also, a major shout-out to Mr. Otobi for giving me the idea I needed for this chapter, and thanks to him, I am able to update today! Yay! So, a round of applause to him, everyone! 
And just to make things crystal clear:
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth
The story belongs to me
And you belong to yourself
Hope you fellas enjoy!
LET .....
Come on, Claire. Pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up!
You were standing before the door as you started pacing back and forth, your popcorn still in your hand, untouched. As soon as you hea
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Edmund Kenway
Meet Edmund. He's my first Rwby original character. The outfit was inspired captain flints outfit from black sails repeatingislands.files.wordpre…. I may write or draw a comic series for this character and ship him with one of my favorite characters from Rwby . I already did a shipment drawing but I'm not finished with it. It may come out tomorrow or the day after.


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