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Theo x Neo, Criminal Love  by Phantomraccoon Theo x Neo, Criminal Love :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 0 Edmund Kenway  by Phantomraccoon Edmund Kenway :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 0 Neo by Phantomraccoon Neo :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 2 Foxy the pirate  by Phantomraccoon Foxy the pirate :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 0 0 Hanako  by Phantomraccoon Hanako :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 0 Underfell Papyrus  by Phantomraccoon Underfell Papyrus :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 0 Phantomraccoon  by Phantomraccoon Phantomraccoon :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 1 0 You're love kill me  by Phantomraccoon You're love kill me :iconphantomraccoon:Phantomraccoon 0 2


Tired Ruby by NDGD Tired Ruby :iconndgd:NDGD 421 36 Demencia | Villainous Fan art! by CorytheC Demencia | Villainous Fan art! :iconcorythec:CorytheC 135 19 Demencia by BITEGHOST Demencia :iconbiteghost:BITEGHOST 249 12 Spicy Aesthetic Squad by The-NoiseMaker Spicy Aesthetic Squad :iconthe-noisemaker:The-NoiseMaker 259 11 Demencia by Extreme-Hiatus Demencia :iconextreme-hiatus:Extreme-Hiatus 375 11 VILLAINOUS by MarkRoosien VILLAINOUS :iconmarkroosien:MarkRoosien 63 5 World full of shadows by dejan-delic World full of shadows :icondejan-delic:dejan-delic 273 27
The Right Tool For The Job- Ruby X Male!Reader
A couple fics ago, I shipped Eren Jeager with Ruby Rose. If they have anything in common, it's the promise to end a whole species. And what is Eren famous for…?
       From that day forth, my semblance changed me… And it called to me, “Power… Give me power!”
       And if I become a Grimm, so be it! I'll endure the exile! For to destroy a monster…
       You must first abandon your humanity.

      If Ruby could go back in time and hit herself, she would.
      She could have avoided a whole mess of Grimm, a twisted ankle, and an encounter with a werewolf. But noooo. She HAD to take this mission. A couple packs of Beowulves? She could knock that out in her sleep. And mention of a hidden weapon of unknown power? Hells yes!
      Of course, one thing she hadn't counted on- this weapon was said to have been made from a demon and radiated hatred
:iconwhyyounowork:whyyounowork 30 8
        (Cheater Blake x male lawbringer reader x Weiss)
About you: you are especially a lawbringer from for honor. you use a pole ax, hard light shield, and flash bangs. This time you're human.
I own nothing but the story.
(Prepare for a surprise)
(Reader pov)
I feel like I have it all. I'm a hero to the people, I have friends, and I have a wonderful girlfriend. Her name is Blake Belladonna. We've been dating for a year. While she may not like it, I am very protective of her. I even caused team CRDL to fear me. So much so that they became bodyguards to faunus students. My friend weiss and I transferred to beacon together. We were friends since we were kids. We thought we would end up on the same team. Though we agreed to study together.
(Time skip)
Blake recently has been quite secretive lately. I asked her if something was wrong. Yet she brushed me off and said that she was fine. I got called in by Ozpin for a mission to an
:icontriborg501:Triborg501 1 0
RWBY X Male- Alucard Reader: Bloody Love Part 5
I finish my process.
Me: I feel so weak… But this is what my Ruby wants…
I pause for a moment.
Me: My Ruby? She’s not mine… I server her…
I step through the walls and reach the cafeteria.
Me: I’m back.
Ruby had a sick look on her face.
Ruby: So gross.
Me: Here.
I place a tin of cookies on the table.
Ruby: Yea!
She dug into them.
Without noticing I was petting her on the head, and smiling.
Yang: Whoa… He can smile.
RWBY looks at me.
I notice it to and cover my mouth, forcing myself to stop.
Blake: Has he never done that?
Ruby: Never… But I like it.
Me: Won’t happen again.
Ruby gave me puppy dog eyes, wanting me to uncover my mouth to show her my smile.
I lower my hand and show my smile, small fangs showing.
Weiss: So handsome…
Blake: Dreamy…
Yang: Mind if I have him.
Ruby hugs me.
Ruby: Keep smiling, I like this part of you.
Me: Whatever you want. *Pets her head more*
Ruby: Are you my Alucard or an imposer?
Me: Yea…
:iconhazyphantom:HazyPhantom 15 5
(Asia x Reader) Devil's Hunter - Finale

Neither Issei or (y/n) were fatally injured but they severely wounded. Issei was able to leave the clubhouse a few days after the incident, but (y/n) refused to join the others in the Hyoudou Household. And although he chose to stay at the old school building, Asia refused to leave his side
As he lay in his bed, his dreams were of the Nightmare but it was a different time. The Hunt was over, and Asia was there too. The two of them had a house in Central Yharnam and two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy looked more like Asia and the girl looked like (y/n). They were playing tag with other children, weaving in and out of shopping stalls.
(y/n) walked through the market with Asia at his side and the two picked up dinner for them. He looked down at her and smiled. “Looks like we got all we need. Ready to go?”
She returned his smile and le
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 8 5
(Asia x Reader) Devil's Hunter - Part 2

~~X~~Much Later~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~X~~
Days turned into weeks,weeks turned into months, months turned into years. Throughout this time, (y/n) grew more accustomed to a normal life. He still carried his Holy Moonlight Sword but used his new devil powers to shrink it down to the size of a keychain, which made it easy to carry and better to hide. He was even able to learn a few things from Kiba and Xenovia, being thrown it a world of monsters makes one a warrior but isn’t always the best teacher.
The only problem was Issei. With Asia sticking to (y/n)’s side, Issei was afraid of losing a member of his harem and (y/n) was succeeding in drawing her away. Right now, the duo was sitting outside near the track field. Under them, (y/n) had placed his cloak on the ground so Asia’s skirt and blouse stayed clean. Actually, the two had begin to fall for each other, much to Issei’
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 6 4
(Asia x Reader) Devil's Hunter - Part 1

Hey y’all. It’s Souls again. Sorry about the wait in between entries, I’ve been busy with work, school, and Dark Souls. And damn is that a hard game. Speaking of which, this request is brought to you by Azureman136.
And warning ahead of the time, I have not played Bloodborne so I don’t entirely know how the Blood Vials are used. In this, they’re drank. Sorry to any of you hardcore gamers.
Asia watched as Issei fawned over Rias while Akeno clung to him. This wasn’t an irregular occurrence but the girl just wanted him to reciprocate her love. She laid her arms on the table and then her head on top of them. Asia just sat there for a moment until she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and saw Kiba standing over her. He was smiling but still showing concern. She moved so her chin was resting on her arms but didn
:iconsoulsuckingginger:SoulSuckingGinger 7 5
Black Hat - Villainous by MarkRoosien Black Hat - Villainous :iconmarkroosien:MarkRoosien 51 6 Game Over, Boys [Commission] by ConnorDavidson Game Over, Boys [Commission] :iconconnordavidson:ConnorDavidson 25 13
Operation Mistletoe (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
Pietro and Wanda are almost done decorating their house for the holidays although Pietro isn’t quite finished with the decorating just yet.
Notes Written originally for a female reader for a friend as a Christmas gift. But I rewrote it so it can be any gender :) If you want to change any of the pronouns, be my guest :) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
The holidays were here and yet the twins were so preoccupied with their first real Christmas in a long time that they forgot to finish decorating their house. Sure, they often lived at the Avengers tower where Tony had a tree on every floor but they started saving up a bit of money and eventually bought a place of their own.
“Pietro! Did you finish decorating the tree?” you asked as you looked around the house. Helping the twins was something you had gladly volunteered. Although unknown to you, Pietro agreed that you could help because he knew that Wanda really liked you. And this was the perfect opportunity to do a f
:iconanna-lyn:Anna-Lyn 40 3


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Theo x Neo, Criminal Love
This is for Soulsuckingginger as thanks for making my request of crime boss reader x neo , Criminal Love. I had original thought doing another drawing of this ,but didn't turn out so good.
49 deviations
Edmund Kenway
Meet Edmund. He's my first Rwby original character. The outfit was inspired captain flints outfit from black sails repeatingislands.files.wordpre…. I may write or draw a comic series for this character and ship him with one of my favorite characters from Rwby . I already did a shipment drawing but I'm not finished with it. It may come out tomorrow or the day after.


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